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Aluminum--Northwest Kentucky leads the way in production , with nearly a third of US production within 40 miles.

Energy--Northwest Kentucky is America’s new Energy Center, blending natural resources, infrastructure and manpower.

Prepared Food--With great electric rates, transportation networks and agriculture communities, Northwest Kentucky offers an advantage.

Automotive--In America's Automotive Alley, Northwest Kentucky means savings and efficiency for you.

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<a href="">Energy is important in Northwest Kentucky.  To ensure the existing and new energy businesses in the region have the workforce they need, the Northwest Kentucky Energy Initiative promotes energy careers and visits like this one by high school . . . <span style="color:white;">(more)</span></a><a href="">This area was named Best in the nation for warehouse networks by Chicago Consulting for a reason.  Our  central location combined with interstates including the new I-69 and I-169, rail access, port facilities, and air service means this bridge is ... <span style="color:white;">(more)</span></a><a href="">Education Counts 4 Northwest Kentucky.  That's not just a catchphrase, but a driving  force in our efforts.  The communities and schools of Northwest Kentucky are committed to having excellent schools that develop excellent workers, scholars, and... <span style="color:white;">(more)</span></a><a href="">Northwest Kentucky is an ideal location for the Prepared Food sector with our mix of abundant and affordable utilities, strong agriculture base, and central location.  Access to road, rail and river means this barge is bringing prosperity to the region ... <span style="color:white;">(more)</span></a><a href="">Northwest Kentucky is America's aluminum center.  Nearly 1/3 of our nation's aluminum is produced within an hour of this region. Thanks to our region's central location and affordable power, aluminum is smelted and processed here. <span style="color:white;">(more)</span></a>

Throughout our region you will find available industrial sites, a great transportation network of roads, rail, and rivers, the workforce you need, and some of America's lowest electric rates.

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